Virtual Classroom

We bridge geographic regions between learning requirements and delivery


Self-paced learning, independent of geographic location and time

Why Choose Eventruns?

As a team of practitioners, we are individually and collectively committed to maintaining our own continuous personal development to ensure every person we work with experiences a quality, up to date service.

e-Learning packages.

We have also developed a range of e-learning training packages to assist professional colleagues in the fields of private and public partnership.

  • Accelerate and sustain effective user adoption, resulting in engaged and efficient user communities.
  • Get the training needed when its needed.

Learning Packages

These range from short information narrated practice segments addressing common questions through to CPD accredited courses which provide professional certification.

Learning and development is an increasingly strategic part of an organisation’s success. Our experience in this field enables us to help you put in place the fundamentals through to identifying best practise and the latest thinking in the area of learning and development

Blended learning

This blended learning approach ensures you do not have to remember everything which was said but will have online bespoke narrated presentation with core messages after each training delivered.

  • A portion of the learning occurs online, with the student being able to manage the pace at which they learn.
  • Another portion of the learning is instructor-led, usually conducted through webinars, allowing remote learners to engage more easily.

Reviewing and benchmarking

Reviewing and benchmarking your existing arrangements or future plans, setting up integrated training and competency programmes.

  • Establishing training academies and taking learning solutions online or into a blended learning approach.
  • We will also develop bespoke training online for you and your organisation which can either be held on our website but only accessible to you and your staff or it can be prepared for integrating into your organisations existing online training platform.